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ABC's appeal against the injunction 13 months later was not successful, judges accepting Hanson's belated Statement of Claim that the song imputed that the plaintiff Hanson was "proud to engage in anal sex with members of the Klu Klux Klan"; amongst other claims.

The Doors - Back Door Man

Current legal status is that the ABC are not allowed to play it on air, but the song is not "banned". Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud.

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I am, a back door man I am, a back door man Well the, men don't know, but the little girls understand When everybody's trying to sleep I'm somewhere making my, midnight creep Yes in the morning, when the rooster crow Something tell me, I got to go I am, a back door man I am, a back door man Well the, men don't know, but little girls understand They, take me to the doctor, shot full o' holes Nurse cried, please save the soul Killed him for murder, first degree Judge's wife cried, let the man go free I am, a back door man I am, a back door man Well the, men don't know, but little girls understand Stand out there, cop's wife cried Don't take him down, rather be dead Six feets in the ground When you come home you can eat, pork and beans I eats mo' chicken, any man seen I am, a back door man I am, a back door man.

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When he first recorded at Sun Studios, having been introduced to Sam Phillips by Ike Turner, Wolf was already over 40 and up to that point he had been managing a life of farming and performing, not necessarily in equal measure. There are traces of the DNA of the blues everywhere in what we call pop music.

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He took a liking to me, and I asked him would he learn me. I was moved to tears when I saw that clip on Hulabaloo where the Stones deferred playing so that Wolf could take the stage and be on national TV. He was magnificent. Wolf was absolutely hypnotic, as was Hubert.

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